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Luxurious commercial and residential development company by passionate people that knows the ins and outs of real estate.

Anchor House is a full-service Real Estate Development Company.

What We Do:

Real Estate Investing Development

Anchor House adheres to relevant guidelines that make sure that every invest is with low volatility and high returns. It eventually results in a better growth of our company. The success we bring in the real estate industry is a direct result of our leaders’ passion and partnership through the years. If you are how to invest your money, partner with us and we will keep your financial portfolio safe with real estate investing.

Construction and Development

Our engineers, expert builders, and construction team are seasoned professionals with years of experience under their belt. From your imagination to your house’s blueprint. From the drawing board up to the brick and mortar, we will surely help you to make dream house come true.

Marketing and Sales

If you don’t have any lot yet, we will make sure that you will find the perfect lot for you. We have a partner that list house and lot for sale all over the Philippines. Starting here in Davao, up to the Business Capital of Makati¬†and all over NCR you will find the property that you are looking for.

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